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Threaded Union and Threaded Coupling Differences


The basic difference between a threaded union and threaded coupling is that threaded unions are made for joining and disassembling a part of a piping system such as a steam trap or control valve, etc for maintenance or replacement purpose. A coupling is used for joining pipe to pipe or pipe to a swedge.

Pipe Coupling and Unions are available in both types of forged fittings namely threaded and socket weld fittings. Pipe coupling are available in the form of Full Coupling, Half Coupling, and Reducing Coupling.

Couplings provide more robust joints in high-pressure applications whereas, in practice, unions are best suited to low-pressure applications.

More information of Pipe Unions:

More information of Pipe Couplings:

Pipe coupling is a lower-cost item and the union is a higher-cost item. When you need the ability to disassemble the piping for the removal of an item then you must use the higher-cost unions. When you are just joining pipe you would want to use the lowest cost item couplings.

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