Pipe Fittings are the most vital part of today’s modern world. To make the world a better place we are continuously expanding human facilities and to make it possible steel plays a crucial part. Forming the piping system to transfer the oil and gas from one place to another we make a complicated and strong pipeline making sure it works best without any leakage. To form the piping System All types of pipe fittings are used.

We at Metalfed Engineering manufacture the best quality Buttweld and Forged threaded & socket weld fittings. these fittings are made of various material grades to fulfill varied demands of applications. At Meatlfed we have in-stock pipe fittings grades like Stainless Steel 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 904L, Inconel 600, 601, 625, 718, Incoloy 800, 825, 925, 330, Hastelloy C22, C276, B2, B3, X, Duplex 2205, Super Duplex 2507, Monel 400, K500, Titanium Grade 2, Grade 5, Nickel 200, 201, Copper 90/10, 70/30, Alloy 20, AISI 4130, SMO 254, Carbon Steel Fittings.

Pipe Fitting Standards:

  • ASME B16.1
  • ASME B16.3
  • ASME B16.4
  • ASME B16.5
  • ASME B16.9
  • ASME B16.11
  • ASME B16.14
  • ASME B16.15
  • ASME B16.25
  • ASME B16.28
  • ASME B16.36

Pipe Fittings Applications:

  • Municipal
  • Power
  • Refinery/Chemical/Petrochemical
  • Process Instrumentation
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Oil and Gas
  • Food, Beverage, and Dairy
  • Marine & dredging
  • Irrigation
  • Semiconductor
  • Steel
  • Road & highway construction
  • Ventilation etc.
  • Residential
  • Sanitation
Pipe Fittings Types:

All types of pipe fittings dimensions, weight chart, tolerance tables, prices, and complete specifications visit the below links: